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Choose Peace Rally - Charlotte NC January 2014

Choose Peace Rally

We are in the early planning stages of a wonderful Rally not only celebrating peace, but helping everyone understand how to have more of it. 

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We are also looking for volunteers to help on that day.

Most of us are familiar with the saying, "Be the change you want to see in the world." by Mahatma Gandhi.

Our main goal at the rally is to teach those in attendance how to be the change they want to see in the world. It is well and good to tell people that is the path, but we feel it is important to also give people the tools and knowledge to implement the idea.

It is going to be an empowering and uplifting event that will enable you to find greater inner and outer peace. By the end of the day you will feel more empowered and be able to inspire others to greater peace.

See you there, Jeanine Joy

Location: Charlotte NC area


A Thrive More, Now premier program February 8 2014








Choose Your Path,  

    Same old, same old or  Thrive More, Now!

  Saturday, February 8th, is going to be an amazing and special day!

Register now. We are offering a FREE event to help you Thrive More, Now.

The day will begin at 9 a.m. and end by 5. Location in Charlotte area - will be included in registration packet.

Learn how toThrive More, Now.

Thrive More, Now in your relationships.

Thrive More, Now in your career.

Thrive More, Now in your health.

Thrive More, Now in your enjoyment of life.

Thrive More, Now in your faith.

Bring your friends and Thrive More, Now.

Use the Contact Us feature on this website to register early. 

Join our mailing list and have updates sent directly to your in box.

Mature teens and adults welcome.     $199  $19.97- Special

Register Early - Space is Limited  registration deadline is February 2, 2014 or when venue is full, whichever is earlier.


Perspectives on Coping and Resilience

Perspectives on Coping and Resilience

We are delighted to announce that the book we contributed to (shown left) has been published.  Many distinguished contributors worked together to create this peer-reviewed book  with the goal of helping increase the resilience in the peoples of the world.  This was an international effort.  

Perspectives on Coping and Resilience may be ordered on Amazon.


The editors are: Venkat Pulla, Andrew Shatte, and Shane Warren

The chapters include the following topics by the authors mentioned:

1. Contours of Coping and Resilience: The Front Story 
By: Dr. Venkat Pulla
2. Toward a Philosophy of Resilience
Thomas W. Dukes 
3. Using Metaphors to Develop Resilience 
Robin Hills and Doug Haynes
4. Developing Personal Resilience in Organizational Settings 
Linda L. Hoopes
5. Emotion Regulation in Children: Towards a Resilience Framework 
Jennifer Hudson and Venkat Pulla
Strengthening the Capacity for Resilience in Children 
By: Alyce White and Venkat Pulla
6. Resilience Building Using Art Therapy with Adolescents in Australia 
By: Jo Kelly
7. Out of the Shadows: Into the Light: Resilience and Coping Skills through Arts Practice 
By: Anne Riggs

8.Resiliency and Recovery from Intimate Partner Violence 
Linda A. Douglas 
9. Resistance to Resilience: Addiction, Co-dependency and Doing Life Differently 
Sharalyn Drayton

10.Trauma–Creating Beneficial Change 
Richard Hill 
11. Trusting Ones Emotional Guidance Builds Resilience 
Jeanine Broderick 
12. The Role of Language in Promoting Trauma Recovery and Resilience 
Pamela Trotman and Leisha Townson
13. The Community Resilience Profile: A Framework for Assessing Community Development Efforts 
Lynn Varagona and Linda Hoopes
14. What World Bank Metrics Don’t Tell Us About Per Capita GDP: How a Nation’s Resilience
Affects Its Prosperity 
Lynn Varagona 
15. Building Resilience in the Next Generation and the Power of Higher Self-efficacy 331
Anndrea Wheatley
16. Revisiting Emotional Regulation: Evidence from Practice 
Shane Warren
17. Strengthening the Capacity for Resilience in Children 
Alyce White and Venkat Pulla
18. Life Narratives Mirroring the Feminization of HIV and AIDS Trauma: Zimbabwean Perspectives
of Coping and Resilience 
Sindiso Zhou and Nhlanhla Landa
19. Resilient Reintegration During Adversities: Case of Young People with Disabilities
Nur Aishah Hanun, Lynne Briggs and Wayne Hammond
20. “Resilience at Work and in Life” 
Dr. Andrew Shatté


I hope our efforts increase your ability to bounce back and help you help others learn to do the same.





We Are So Excited. We Just Can't Hide It!

We Are So Excited. We Just Can't Hide It!

So many exciting things are happening here at Happiness 1st Institute!

Our Founder is submitting her first book to the publisher today! We know it is going to reach a lot of people our programs have not been able reach yet. Watch here for updates and for the launch of the website associated with the book.

If that is not exciting enough, there is more—a lot more!

After achieving remarkable things with our programs in schools—from anti-bullying, anger management, to increasing self-esteem and finding ones purpose in life—we are creating a Non-profit arm to help our successful programs reach more people. Watch here for updates on that and for the launch of the website for the non-profit.

We are conducting a series of FREE, Yep...FREE daylong seminars to help people thrive more. Advance registration is required as space at these events is limited. Mark your calendars, the next one is Saturday, July 27th. If you want to attend please use the 'Contact Us' area of our website. We are taking reservation. We are making the final arrangements on the location.

These events are designed to increase thriving in every area of life.  Those who register in advance will be notified of the location of the seminar. Adults and mature teens accompanied by an adult are welcome.

We have an entirely new slate of classes and programs that will be announced soon. Watch our site for updates.

The research is becoming more and more conclusive. Increasing your happiness improves your health. This is true in every area of our lives, but especially documented with heart health - the # 1 cause of death. We have the knowledge now to change that but we have to work together. You have to be willing to learn how to be happier if you want to benefit.

See you soon!


Exciting News

Exciting News - Coming Attractions

The importance of understanding both the benefits of positivity and optimism and how to experience more of these emotions has the ability to contribute to solving every social problem.

Other documents on our site document the science behind the above statement and tell the compelling story. 

The purpose of this announcement is to share some of the exciting ways Happiness 1st Institute is going to share the techniques and body of knowledge that lead to greater human thriving in all areas during the coming year.  

We are very excited about this news.  We have been invited to be a regular contributor to a new network news show, The Good News Channel.  We have been recording the pilot during the past week and were literally left speechless by the quality of the work provided by our film crew - our dreams are being exceeded.

Soon some clips will be available on YouTube.  Register on our site so you can be sure to receive announcements.  

We are currently accepting positions on our roster from individuals who would like to take our classes.  Please contact us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like information about upcoming classes.  Classes will be available online so interested indivduals from around the world will be able to benefit from the knowledge.  Currently classes are in English but if you are interested in classes in another language please let us know.  We are eager to have translations completed as soon as the demand is known.

We are also launching CD programs on several topics so watch for announcements.  We have one coming on Inner Peace (a necessary precursor to World Peace), one that includes the Keys to Happiness Program and another called Letters to Linda which are soothing letters to a family member who has lived a life filled with mental illness and disappointments.  Other programs are in development.  We are excited about our CD programs because they will allow the message to reach more people than we can accomodate in our classes.  

Our first co-authored book is in the editing process and additional books are in the works.  It is an exciting time.





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